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With more than 37 years of experience, Nai Whitaker has built ELQ into a family-owned business that spans 3 generations. She and her daughter LaNai provide the kind of service that comes with knowing the importance of family and business. Successful family businesses are built on knowing how to balance family and business commitments. Ms. Whitaker has combined both, creating the next generation of ELQ financial service providers. You are in good hands with ELQ and the years of service and repeat clientele proves it. Your financial health and well-being is the primary goal of ELQ and its employees. Family values account for much of what goes into their business acumen. We understand business and we understand families. Working with ELQ helps you experience ELEGANCE, LUXURY AND QUALITY Financial Services for all your financial needs.

Nai Whitaker has taken the business of tax and business support to new heights. She is a person who believes in elegance, loyalty and quality as the backbone of building and sustaining your business. Her business accumen is par excellence as she makes her clients feel that their success is also hers.

Nai Whitaker, CEO

From the time LaNai was a teenager, she has set at the knee of her mother in learning the business of BUSINESS. Not only is LaNai trained in tax support, but she supports her mother as corporate chief financial officer. Taking care of ELQ gives her the knowledge to support every client. 

LaNai Whitaker, CFO

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